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Construction and Renovation Punch Lists

The new bedroom flooring has been installed, the kitchen counters look great, the home office desks are beautiful, and the gardens are thriving. But there are still so many little jobs needing to be completed that the larger firms don’t do. Perhaps some doors don’t close properly. Or there are marks in the wall paint here and there. And the utility room faucet doesn’t work very well.

In the construction trade, this is called a “Punch List,” all the little things remaining that still need to  be done, but don’t fall under the purview of any of the contractors you have hired. This is where Levine Home Services comes in; we fill in the gaps by taking care of all of those little jobs remaining to make your home perfectly beautiful.

  • Wall and door repairs
  • Paint touch-ups, including difficult-to-match colors
  • Tile and grout completion and repair
  • Installing cabinetry, shelves and wall hooks
  • Installing closet systems and drawer/cupboard organizers
  • Hanging artworks – large and small
  • Post-construction clean-ups
  • Small repairs throughout your home

To learn more about the Punch List services provided by Levine Home Services, please click HERE to give us your information and we will get back to you quickly.

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