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Renovations and Repairs

You have a vision of ways you want to improve your home or business. Perhaps you got your ideas from a model home or a magazine picture. Or maybe you were visiting a friend’s business and saw something that would look great for your company. How can you translate those idea pictures into the real thing in your home or business?

The problem is that most renovations call for workers having many different skills: carpentry, drywall, paint, electrical, lighting, tile, cabinetry, plumbing . . . and much more. Even seemingly simple jobs often call for many of these diverse services to get the work done.

At Levine Home Services, we have many of the skills needed to do the work ourselves. And we have a cadre of skilled, trusted specialists we can call in to handle the more specialized tasks.

Yet unlike the showroom stores, we do not have the high overhead of a store, and we are able to bring in skilled workers as needed. We have managed repair and renovation projects as small as a single day’s work, and as large as the year-long renovation of a multi-million dollar home or multiple branch offices.

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