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Energy-Efficient Home Lighting & Control

Affordable LED lighting has arrived that produces beautiful lighting quality, using 1/5 as much power as conventional bulbs. And LED bulbs typically last many years, so you can install the new ones once and not think about replacement for a very long time.

But selecting the right bulbs for your home is not as simple as walking into a building supply store. That is why we offer our experienced services to:

  • Assess your current lighting – what you like about it now and what can be better.
  • Recommend and test sample bulbs for you, so you can see exactly how the new LED bulbs will perform in your home.
  • And only then do we perform large-scale replacement of many bulbs.

The newer lights can also be controlled in much better ways than those you have now. Imagine pressing a single button on your wall to turn on all patio lights at exactly the level you like for entertaining. Or simply say, “Alexa – TV lighting” and have all lights in the family room and surrounding spaces adapt to just the right level. Or when away, have some lights turn on and off at various times to make your house always look “lived in.”

Our Levine Home Services Lighting experts will conduct an in-home evaluation for you, with recommendations on specific products that best fit your needs. Then we will go to work on implementing these recommendations in a highly courteous and careful manner.

To learn more about the Energy-Efficient Lighting services provided by Levine Home Services, please click HERE to give us your information and we will get back to you quickly.