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Home Automation and Control

The newer lighting, thermostats and other devices can be controlled in much more sophisticated ways than the ones you have now. Imagine pressing a single button on your wall to turn on the patio lights to exactly the level you like for entertaining.

Or simply speak “Alexa – TV lighting” and have all the lighting in the family room and surrounding spaces adapt to just the right level. Or while you are traveling, have some of your lights turn themselves on and off at various times to make your house always look “lived in.”

Or set thermostats, outside lighting and other equipment to adjust automatically according to schedules you have established in advance. Or be able to monitor your home and change any settings from anywhere in the world via your phone. 

Our Home Automation and Control specialists will help you determine exactly what types of home automation and control are right for your family, without overdoing it. And then we will ensure that all of the separate systems - lighting, security, monitoring, thermostats and others - are perfectly installed and integrated.

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