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Child Home Safety

When we bring a new child into our home, whether our own or a grandchild, we must be mindful that home can be a dangerous place for small children. Their natural curiosity requires us to consider many ordinary home items to be hazards.

As parents, how can we make our home safe for small children in a way that doesn’t alter the beauty of our fine home, and that lets us easily restore the home when the children are grown? Or, as grandparents, how can we quickly set up the necessary safety features when the children are visiting, and then put everything back to normal when they leave?

Our child home-safety experts at Levine Home Services will conduct an in-home evaluation for you, with recommendations on such things as:

   Doorway and stairway barriers and locks          Electrical safety
       Pool and other water safety                                Outdoor play structures
           Falling object risks                                                 Furniture risks
              Child and nanny monitoring systems                   Chemical risks

To learn more about how our skilled experts can implement the Child- and Baby-safe steps you need,
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Are you a yacht owner?
A yacht has all of the same risks to small children as a home, plus added hazards. As a skilled Yacht Captain, the president of Levine Home Services brings additional expertise on child and senior safety for yachts.